Here are the bug fixes and enhancements for Version

  • Extended that to all the SQL command interface, since it seemed to be working for that, but still getting problems elsewhere
  • And to the SQL database open as well
  • Added code to check database integrity. Started adding places for which I had photos but no places.
  • Prevented the “moderator’s” box for adding places from emails displaying for everybody else (as I’d always intended)
  • Started work on code to let places be added breaking lock flights
  • Input page for places that break the lock flight added – nice new slider added for splitting locks
  • Logon status added to new place page
  • Fixed a bug in the SQL locking code from Monday
  • The “moderators” box thing didn’t work – made it hard wired to me instead, as I’m the only person ever likely to do it
  • All updates are now executed as single transactions, so will be rolled back if they fail leaving the database consistent