An update

We’ve been neglecting this blog for far too long.

There has been a huge amount of work done on both the Canalplan AC website and the Canalplan Plugin for WordPress.

A few months ago we took over the day to day running of Jim Shead’s Boat Index which involved moving the data over to our server and rebuilding the query pages so that they fitted in with the rest of the Canalplan Website. That integration also allowed us to add features to both the Boat Index and also to Canalplan such as tagging boats in photos and also the first steps of a boat tracking system.

Most of the work with the Canalplan Plugin for wordpress has been addition of minor new features such as being able to include links to Canalplan “Features” in your posts and lots of bug fixing in the Route importing code. The big new feature was replacing the “Where am I” widget which used to use Google Latitude with a version that uses Backitude which also links to the boat tracking feature in the main canalplan site so you can update both your blog location and your location on Canalplan in a single go.